If you’ve ever needed a band to listen to, a band to thrash to or a band to relate to, check out Wavves. Their surf-punk, unpolished sound, coupled with their truthful lyrics about their disappointment with the world and with themselves, has enticed listeners around the world.

Wavves performed last night at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C., promoting their newest album V.

V was inspired by a breakup and was written during a time of heavy, daily drinking, according to Pitchfork.

Nathan Williams started the band in San Diego in 2008. Since then, Wavves has been doing nothing but producing music, touring and promoting.

“I think they’re just raw,” Rob Groulx, a 27 year-old from Detroit, said. “I like that they have a sound that’s unpolished. I just like their punk and surf vibe.”

When Wavves was established, its sound could be categorized as lo-fi noise rock. Wavves has been developing their sound for seven years now and it has morphed into surf rock.

“I like how they’re style changes, but it’s always the same root style,” Nicole Young a 22 year-old from Frederick, Md., said. “You always know it’s Wavves.”

Williams’ lyrics reflect his day-to-day life. He often writes about his madness, his disappointment with the world and his desire to escape.

“I like that he doesn’t care what people think of him,” Mathias Henry, 23, of Frederick, Md. said. “He says anything he wants to say.”

The music offers something different than what most artists produce today–relatability.

“I like their vibe,” Evan Onestinghel, a 23 year-old of Vienna, W.Va., said. “They’re just chill. It’s great music to just chill and smoke weed to. It means having a good time, hanging out with friends, just the chill moments of life.”

Standing in front of a tye-dyed backdrop, Wavves’ stage presence is simple but powerful. A mosh pit was formed in the center of the crowd immediately after the set began. Audience members expressed themselves to the heavy bass and catchy lyrics through crowd surfing, headbanding and dancing.

“Wavves is God,” said Hali Myles, 20, of Florida. “It’s beachy, it’s fun, it’s different. It’s everything that no one else does.”

Wavves is currently headlining an international tour with Twin Peaks.

“We both love each other a lot,” Clay Frankel, the upright guitarist for Twin Peaks, said.

“They asked us to [come] so we said, ‘yeah.’ [We both make] good rock and roll music and that stuff always goes well together.”

Wavves’ newest album has been met with overwhelmingly positive reviews and has only heightened their popularity. The southern California dudes have been making waves around the world with their alternative sound.

Featured Photo Credit: courtesy of Flickr user Mike Cicchetti.

WritersBloc_Headshots_14Katie Ebel is a sophomore journalism major and can be reached at katieebel@gmail.com.

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