Review: Why ‘Quantico’ is a Must Watch

I’m likely to watch any show set in the DMV, simply because I’m from the DMV.

It must be a pride thing.

As a result, it’s no wonder the premiere of ABC’s Quantico had me parked in front of a TV on Sunday night.

The name of the show obviously hints at its plotline. This Virginia city is home to the FBI Academy, where the main characters of the show were or are students. The show features both present day narratives, as well as flashbacks. I usually don’t like this model, but I didn’t mind how it was done, at least in the pilot.

From the pilot alone (and without me completely spoiling it for you), I can tell you that this 10 p.m. broadcast has a lot going for it.

All the main characters are attractive, ranging from dorky cute to envy inducing gorgeous.

The talented Bollywood star and Miss World 2000, Priyanka Chopra plays Alex Parrish, the main character.

Joining her on the screen, and at the Academy, are Aunjanue Ellis, playing Miranda Shaw, inspirational for more than her good looks and Yasmine Al Massri playing Nimah Anwar, who is just as beautiful wearing her hijab or not.

Other castmates include Jake McLaughlin as the hunky Ryan Booth, Johanna Braddy as blonde beauty Shelby Wyatt, Tate Ellington as dorky cutie Simon Asher and hottie with a body, Graham Rogers who plays Caleb Haas.

The main characters all have many layers.

We meet Alex Parrish a few seconds in and only a few moments later, know she is a liar.

Miranda Shaw, assistant director, leads the students at the Academy and is already in the running to be a favorite character of mine. To avoid ruining it for you, I’ll just say I like a woman who’s not afraid to do what it takes to find the truth, though, she could be fooling me.

They all could be.

Ryan Booth goes from being a kind stranger to a huge WTF in an instant (if you blink you’ll miss it).

My only description of Nimah Anwar is that she is two-faced.

So far, it seems that Shelby Wyatt is the only one with a heart of gold, which of course means I’m already suspicious of her.

Simon Asher may be living a lie or hiding the truth. Either way, the dude is a total liar like the rest of the bunch. There’s still something that I like about him, though.

Caleb Haas is the guy you immediately think will be guilty of any and every awful thing that happens on the show. He’s an outright douche for most of the episode but a pivotal moment changes him, at least momentarily.

My jaw dropped at least three times – probably more.

I won’t give them away, but there were some major shockers in the first episode.

What I will say is this: while we think the FBI has all the intelligence, that’s certainly not the case in this show. This will likely be the cause of all the chaos as the series progresses.

The show doesn’t shy away from issues like discrimination. It even looks like it might try to tackle or expose some of society’s dirty secrets and bad habits.

The treatment of Anwar in the beginning of the episode shows racism and ignorance in a very clear and hopefully, eye-opening way.

Television is best when it makes us question our thoughts and actions, and this show definitely has the potential to do so.

My only criticism so far is that it comes on so late. I, like many of you, have a class on Monday morning and need to spend the late hours of Sunday catching up on all the stuff I put off during the week.

Nevertheless, as the show joins the ranks of great DMV set shows like Scandal, Bones and Criminal Minds, I have to say that I will be watching or, at least, my DVR will be recording.

Featured Photo Credit: Courtesy of a screenshot from the pilot.

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