Three Golden Tunes, Ocean Lungs and Beach Dreams Embodied in Music

My hair is eclipsing the sun. My wardrobe has been reduced to five items (one being my newly bought Lord Huron shirt) and water has become my savior as I trek across campus. During these moments, music is the sole reason I am able to smile at the world and enjoy the changing weather.

Before (and after) finals bombard our minds, bodies and souls, annihilating everything we love, take refuge in these three songs that will bring the carefree nights and be waiting for you after you succeed and transition into été.

Palmar” by Caloncho

The beach instantly becomes alive in your veins. A summer nostalgia and longing for deep kisses in the ocean blooms as soon as Caloncho sings the first words in his sweet and hypnotizing voice. The Mexican crooner weaves uncommon lyrics such as “Que rico hueles a tropical, pepino con chile y sal de mar / how rich you smell of the tropics, cucumber with chile and the salty sea.” The phrase instantly made me aware of his craft and his ability to make a simple scenario become a paradise, such as spending the day at the beach..

Although his Fruta EP came out in 2014, Caloncho is touring Mexico and announced Fruta Vol. II will be coming soon.

American Love” by Smallpools

I am still in awe and concert withdrawal from seeing these down-to-earth Los Angeles natives at the U Street Music Hall for the third time about two weeks ago. When their album Lovetap! came out this year, I strayed away from this song. I usually get hooked to a song by its hyped intro, such as “Old Boy by Brick + Mortar.” Since the start of “American Love” is slow, I skipped it and forgot all about it.

But at the concert, I realized it was an anthem; a stomping and clapping hurricane that engulfs you into this typical American love story, complete with tennis shoes and the wishful thinking of having a son. Don’t make the same mistake as I did, and fall in love with it at first listen.

Speak Think” by Cheers Elephant

Despite a transcontinental move (from Pennsylvania to California) and the departure of their vocalist and guitarist Derek Krzywicki, the psychedelic indie rock band came out with the catchy single “Speak Think,” complete with a 1950s-style West Coast inspired lyric video. As a YouTuber commented in the video, “It’s cheesy and catchy as hell. I love it.”

California’s influence is clearly etched in their new music — their previous album, “Like Wind Blows Fire,” was an adventure through sun-lit woods, filled with twilight secrets and bonfire bonding. But whether their music reminds me of late night drives through the skies or a fun, golden drenched day at the beach, Cheers Elephant will become masters of whatever new sound they create.

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