Gallery: Art Scholars’ Drag Show Brings Lip-sync Battles and Fierce Catwalks

Kyle Travers, last year’s annual drag queen prom fashion show winner, took center stage at the Cambridge Community Center as this year’s host. However, he did not go by his given name.
Instead, on Thursday night he was “Ms. Anya Kneez.”
Three contestants entered the competition to be heralded as the new prom queen. The event was reminiscent of the Ms. America pageant. It opened with a rehearsed Q&A session, followed by a talent portion, then an evening-wear catwalk, and concluded with a lip-sync battle.
The three contestants were Matthew Dohm, who went by Lady A. Deeyate, Anders Norberg, who went by Anita Man, and Connor Laughland, who went by Patti LuBones. Dohm was eliminated after the first round of voting. Laughland went on to claim the crown after a heated lip-sync rendition of “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston.

headshotRyan Eskalis is a senior broadcast journalism major and can be reached at

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