Looking to keep up on current feminist, race, environmental and LGBTQA+ issues?

Here are a few blogs to help you do so. All of them feature experts in various fields, who aren’t afraid to be controversial.



This blog is powered by local activists in 84 cities and 24 countries. It is a crowdsourced online safe haven for people to speak out about times they have been harassed on the street. The purpose is to raise awareness about street harassment through personal anecdotes.

Under each personal story is a button readers can click that says: “I’ve Got Your Back!”

This blog has developed into a full-blown movement, and the operators envision a world where “street harassment is not tolerated and where we all enjoy equal access to public spaces.

She Rights (She Thinks. She Says. She Writes.)

Do not be deterred by the vibrancy of this website if you are not into bright pink. It discusses topics from health and sexuality to politics, pop-culture and violence. This blog even covers the intersection of various binaries, and it features interviews with feminist authors.

Additionally, the blog covers how boys are raised. A recent article asks what messages we should be sending to young boys.

Crunk Feminist Collective

The purpose of this blog is as symbolic and insightful as the materials it features. “Crunk” originally comes from a combination of the terms “crazy” or “chronic” with drunk – suggesting a person is intoxicated, or out of their “right mind” to the extreme. This, paired with “feminism,” suggests people become  intoxicated with the complexities of the term. The blog shows no inhibitions in diving into issues of race, sex, transgender issues, and more.

Earlier this year, I read an article on this blog about whether it is anti-feminist to sleep with someone who doesn’t agree with your politics. This is a sassy, empowered blog that aims to raise controversial discussion.

Race Issues

Color Lines

How do current race issues intersect with economic justice, arts,culture, national security, health and more? Here’s a website that explores current events through a racial lens. It features a wide range of viewpoints, including a current feature on black men experiencing crime and justice, finding work and coping with fatherhood and death.

This website aims to facilitate awareness of all cultures and to delve into all aspects of our society. It aims to highlight achievements across races and different issues happening in politics today.

Equality through individual expression, not through assimilation. It highlights fights for justice in every sphere of cultural and political systems in the United States and abroad.

Real Colored Girls

Bloggers here are affected by the African diaspora and are disturbed by how they are being represented globally. The two bloggers are Christina Bell, a spoken word poet, and Mako Fitts Ward, a feminist educator, writer and activist.

They talk about issues such as portrayals of minorities in the media and issues with the watered-down culture. They aim to disrupt and destroy stereotypes that are pervasive in the media and to empower colored women to explore what it means to be real, politically, spiritually, emotionally and professionally.


Want to explore the intricate intersection of race and pop culture? This blog explores events and dialogues through a racial lens.What happens when the media attempts to discuss race issues and fails?

Watch and read reviews of ABC’s sitcom Fresh off the Boat  and explore how stories shape us. The website features authors such as Nobel Prize Winner Wole Soyinka and a ted talk by Ngozi Adichie that capture the passion of a culture.

Each article offers an insightful view on current TV shows such as, The Nightly Show and events such as The Grammy’s. They also explore and critique media representation of celebrity news.

Environmental Issues

Blue Marble

Looking to expand from travel magazines and learn about the environment from a political standpoint? Whether or not you are into politics already, this blog has in-depth articles that explore both current legislation and the zeitgeist surrounding what goes into our bodies, from antibiotics to wine.

Civil Eats

Civil Eats explores the legal and cultural values of the American Food System. It involves over 100 contributors who actively study and participate in the food revolution.

These articles keep the reader up to date on current food issues in the United States and what is being done to combat them.

Unafraid to be controversial, the authors blog raises questions about what you eat, where it’s coming from and innovative ways of attacking current issues with the food industry.

LGBTQA+ Community

Campus Pride

Want an LGBTQA+ blog that explores issues specifically related to college students? This is the perfect place to do so. Campus Pride not only fights for a safe college atmosphere for LGBTQA+ students, but battles for race equality while doing so.

This is a nonprofit organization that brings together leaders from campuses nationwide to give a voice to LGBTQA+ students and to highlight current events in the college LGBTQA+ community.

Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights

LGBTQA+ human rights around the globe. Get ready to be inspired by this documentary film project that brings together 31 partners around the globe. This is a five-year project running from 2011-2016.

If you’re looking to obtain a more global perspective on global forms of oppression against gays, explore this website! They delve into the issue in Africa, India, the Caribbean and Canada.

Gay Rights Watch

Stay up to date on, current events involving gay rights with Gay Rights Watch! This blog covers current events in the gay community ranging from “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” to Ben & Jerrys’ “Hubba Hubba” gay rights icecream.

With a mixture of somberness and humor, this blog also covers queer home arts which includes some delicious pie recipes.

headshot_rayeRaye Weigel is a freshman English and community health double major and can be reached at rayannewegel@gmail.com.


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