Stone Age Rhapsody is an alternative rock band from Damascus, Md., that compiles several different styles of music, including funk and swing, to create a unique sound. The band formed in 2012.

Bryan Loy (lead vocalist, lead guitarist, Keyboard player) York College of Pennsylvania.

Gabe De Leon (drummer, backing vocalist) Towson University.

Michael Leopard (rhythm guitarist, tech) Towson University.

Alex Lewis (bassist, comic relief) Towson University.

“Jungle Crooks” is a newly released single by Stone Age Rhapsody. The group is working on a full-length album at Warfield Studios estimated to be released by July of 2015.

You can hear more of their music on their website at and at Reverbnation

(Jacob Pargament/Bloc Reporter)
(Jacob Pargament/Bloc Reporter)

Twitter: @TheBandSAR


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Set List: 

“Jungle Crooks” by Stone Age Rhapsody. 

“Back Door” by Stone Age Rhapsody. 

“Fever” by The Black Keys. 

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