A tranquil playlist played throughout the intimate space as the audience chatted, joking and murmuring as the host announced the first act.

Kreativity Diversity Troupe hosts open mics each semester, inviting members of the troupe, called Kreators, and non-Kreators to share their art, whether that includes singing, spoken word or stand-up.

This year, more than 70 students gathered in the Cafritz Foundation Theatre in The Clarice Performing Arts Center Friday for Kreativity’s first open mic of the semester.

Kreativity’s next open mic will be on March 12 in the Cafritz Foundation Theatre at The Clarice.

headshotJack Angelo is a junior broadcast journalism major and can be reached at JackMAngelo@gmail.com.




headshotKarla Casique is a freshman journalism major and can be reached at karlacasique@hotmail.com.

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