Original songs by Frankie Spano

  1. “Fall/Winter”
  2. “Only”
  3. “Child”

Frankie Spano, a senior mathematics major at this university, is a singer-songwriter signed to Headstock Records. She has performed in various music groups since high school, including a band, multiple choirs and, currently, one of University of Maryland’s a cappella groups, Faux Paz.

Look for her upcoming EP titled Stages to be released in 2015.

Videos: https://m.youtube.com/user/chessimusicofficial

Website: http://www.headstockrecords.com/#!frankiespano/cvv1

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/ChessiMusicOfficial?ref=bookmark

Jacob Pargament is a junior broadcast major and can be reached at J.pargament9@gmail.com

writersblocheadshots04Trey Sherman is a senior broadcast journalism major and can be reached at treywdc@gmail.com.

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