Student Protests Erupt as the Nation Awaits the Final Verdict in Ferguson

Protests on campus sparked up this morning and lasted into the early afternoon as various student organization members marched from Stamp Student Union to the Administration building, according to Dan Russo, a reporter from media partner PublicAsian.

The demonstrations began in anticipation of tonight’s upcoming decision on the Michael Brown case.

Protesters demanded the following, according to the PublicAsian article:

  1. Return all weapons and armored vehicles granted by the 1033 program, as well as all semiautomatic rifles, shotguns and armored vehicles owned by the University of Maryland Police Department and replace them with non-lethal weapons.
  2. Establish a police review board with the appropriate political power to administer citizen complaints against the members of the University of Maryland Police Department and to monitor and review departmental policies and procedures.
  3. Require University of Maryland police officers to wear body cameras and to maintain an archive of all video files.
  4. Release an official statement from the University of Maryland Administration condemning the non-indictment of Darren Wilson, expressing solidarity with the Ferguson community, and echoing the demands of the Ferguson protesters, as listed above.
  5. Provide full transparency between the University of Maryland Police Department and the campus community by requiring press releases on any action taken by the University of Maryland Police Department.

After the march, University police officers and protesters gathered at the Nyumburu Cultural Center for an emergency town hall meeting.

Tweets from the town hall meeting:

Photos from the rally, courtesy of @ACT_UMD:

More to come as the news unfolds. 


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