Signs boasting the names of Democratic candidate Anthony Brown and his running mate Ken Ulman decorated Ritchie Coliseum yesterday afternoon, an hour-long venue featuring Hillary Clinton as the guest of honor.

About 1,000 attendants, which included students, faculty, and local democrats, were among the audience. Clinton, along with other speakers such as Gov. Martin O’Malley, highlighted several of Brown’s projects, such as the DREAM Act, supporting students of undocumented citizens, and his investment in making higher education affordable for students in Maryland.

Protesters Speak Their Minds

United We Dream, a prominent pro-immigration reform organization led by the youth, interrupted Clinton’s speech, according to our partner news outlet Pulsefeedz.The nonpartisan group is comprised of more than 100,000 immigrant youth and allies as well as 55 affiliate organizations in 26 states, according to United We Dream’s website. Participants advocate for the fair treatment of immigrant youth and families.

Tweet courtesy of our partner news outlet @Pulsefeedz.
Tweet courtesy of our partner news outlet @Pulsefeedz.

Clinton’s speech, which was focused primarily on women’s issues and the importance of voting, was consistently interrupted by about 10 protesters proclaiming displeasure with the Obama Administration’s handle on immigration. The organization believes Clinton’s Democratic party affiliation could prove effective and influential toward enacting immigration reform, Jessie Karangu, editor-in-chief of Pulsefeedz reported.

The organization’s protest, which lasted about 15 minutes, proved to be a slight challenge for police officers, whom had trouble leading the opponents from the arena, Karangu reported.

The Voices of Supporters

Among the crowd was Sylvette LaTouche-Howard, a faculty member at the School of Public Health, who was excited to see the woman she believes will be the next president of the United States.

Clinton discusses various topics during her speech Thursday, including women’s issues. (Sung-Min Kim, Bloc Photographer)

“I think she represents so much for women,” said LaTouche-Howard. “She has been making waves for women for the past 30/40 years and she’s going to continue to be a representative for all of us on great leadership, power, stamina, and what it takes, not only just to be a woman, but to be an awesome citizen.”

Nasreen Jones, an M.P.H candidate, said she feels Brown’s experience as lieutenant governor gives him the upper hand in the Nov. 4 election.

Brown, a Democratic Party politician from the State of Maryland, fires up the crowd. (Sung-Min Kim/Bloc Photographer)

“He has a lot of good ideas for Maryland to push us forward,” Jones said. “His experience helps him because he already knows what’s going on and what needs to change.”

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