20th Poet Laureate Shares Reflective Pieces During Inaugural Reading

“I’ve said what I had to say

As melodiously as it was given to me.


I’ve said what I had to say

As far down as I could go.

I’ve been everywhere


I’ve wanted to but Jerusalem,

Which doesn’t exist, so I guess it’s time to depart,


Time to go,

Time to meet those you’ve never met,

time to say goodnight.


Grant us silence, grant us no reply,

Grant us shadows and their cohorts

stealth across the sky.”

Poet laureate Charles Wright recited his poem, “Luillaby,” to close his inaugural reading Sept. 25, marking the beginning of his responsibilities as a government-appointed proponent of poetry.

Wright kept the event light yet deep, mixing anecdotes and personal stories between readings of his works.

In an interview with National Public Radio in June earlier this year, Wright said, as laureate, he has no program and he’ll “probably stay here at home and think about things.”


Nicole Choi is a senior English major and can be reached at nchoi76@gmail.com.

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