Go Radio’s second album has piano-heavy tracks. Album cover from Go Radio’s website.

Dylan Moroses

Go Radio’s newest album will have listeners feeling closer than they could ever hope, dream and desire.

Close The Distance, Go Radio’s second full-length release, feels concise, but has a very inspiring sound and relatable lyrics that will entice fans to listen to the album over and over again.

Although not as popular as his former band Mayday Parade, Jason Lancaster and the band Go Radio deliver a strong entry in a pop-rock catalogue full of similar sounds and repetitive lyrics. The first track of the album starts with a Coldplay-esque intro and immediately dives into a piano-heavy track that will speak to all heartbroken and love-struck listeners.

High points on the album include songs such as “Collide,” a guitar heavy song where Lancaster pushes his voice into overdrive, hitting high notes with clarity and harmony, “The Ending,” a slow tempo number that builds into a screaming chorus, and “Over Me,” a piano-pop driven song with catchy and inspiring lyrics.

Go Radio’s lyrics are more impressive and articulate than those belonging to Mayday Parade.

Fans of Lancaster’s stint with Mayday Parade will thoroughly enjoy Close the Distance, which features an ample amount of piano as well as his signature voice, tying the tracks together as the album progresses.

All in all, Close The Distance is a noteworthy, inspiring and complete record in an age where single downloads are the norm. The band’s catchy lyrics and piano-driven pop music allow the album to flow smoothly and create a complete, unique sound emerging from a homogenous pop-rock genre.

The album is available for $10 on iTunes.

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