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  • Photo courtesy of Jessica Lucia under the Creative Commons license.

    Five East Coast Music Festivals You Should Know

    Spring is here, which can only mean one thing: outdoor music festival season. Most people think that if they want to indulge in good music, good fashion and good vibrations, they have to travel across the country to Coachella. In reality, there are plenty of musical celebrations people can [...]
  • The UMD Slam Team performed at the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI), hosted this year by Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va., from March 25 to 28. (Aiyah Sibay/Bloc Reporter)

    UMD Slam Teams Breaks New Ground one Verse at a Time

    On stage, in a ballroom packed with nearly 100 attendees, stands a series of mics.The crowd hushes as a girl makes her way up to the stage. Tension seems to crackle through the air as she takes several moments to steel her nerves. When she finally speaks, what flows out is pure fire. Thus [...]
  • (Photo courtesy of Diliff/ Creative Commons)

    Blog: Rome’s Rich History Brings Recollections of the Past

    On March 14, 2015, I boarded an Italo train from Santa Maria Novella Station in Florence towards Tiburtina Station in Rome. Although my plane from Zurich had landed in Rome one week earlier, I still hadn’t gotten around to seeing any of the city besides Termini Station because my trip [...]
  • Equipped with purple skinny jeans, a crown, and blue makeup, junior theatre major Ben Kleymeyer performs on the roof of the Diner. He performed spoken word pieces including “What’s the point, we’re all gonna die,” and “Between the Yeshiva and the Whorehouse.” (Jack Angelo/Bloc Reporter)

    The Music and Art Rooftop: The First of its Kind (Gallery)

    Atop the South Campus Dining Hall, dozens of students gathered Saturday to celebrate the beginning of spring.  The Music and Art Rooftop is the first of its kind, organized by WMUC Live Music Director Asher Meerovich. Meerovich roundup bands from the DMV area to celebrate the finally-warm [...]

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    The Nude Sessions: Stone Age Rhapsody

    March 5, 2015 // 0 Comments

    Stone Age Rhapsody is an alternative rock band from Damascus, Md., that compiles several different styles of music, including funk and swing, to create a unique sound. The band formed in 2012. Bryan Loy (lead vocalist, lead guitarist, Keyboard player) York College of Pennsylvania. Gabe De Leon (drummer, backing vocalist) Towson University. Michael Leopard (rhythm guitarist, tech) Towson University. Alex Lewis (bassist, comic relief) Towson University. “Jungle Crooks” is a newly [...]