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  • (Trey Sherman/Bloc Reporter)

    Philip Merrill Says Farewell to Silvia Galan

    “I have a good relationship with everybody here. I will miss it, but I have another opportunity – a better opportunity.” – Silvia Galan  “I go to the cafe right before my photojournalism class, and each time I go, I always see Silvia’s smiling face. It’s really [...]
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    Blog: ‘The Hunger Games,’ a Racebending Film Franchise

    No matter your personal preference of the genre, I think everyone can agree Young Adult novels (YA) can get pretty repetitive. Whatever trend happens to be popular at the time, be it supernatural vampire romances or totalitarian dystopias, YA pounds these themes into the ground until we as an [...]
  • Other than UMD, Theta Pi Sigma has other chapters at University of California, Santa Cruz, Northeastern University of Illinois and University of Oregon. (Aubrey DiBello/For The Bloc)

    Meet Theta Pi Sigma: The University’s LGBTQA Greek Organization

    For many college students, Greek life, a more than 200-year-old prominent tradition within U.S. higher education, is an opportunity to be part of a brotherhood or sisterhood. In fall 2013, Aubrey DiBello, a senior cell biology and molecular genetics major, decided it was time to change the [...]

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